July 2014

Newsletter July 2014

Bon Voyage

Can we remind all pre-school parents to let staff know their school leavers intended last day.  Also if your children will be absent for holidays can you please let us know so we are not waiting for anyone in the mornings when we have planned an outing or staff have planned specific activities.  Funding from Angus Council will resume on 13th August after the summer break.

Summer Trip

Our trip to Active Kids will be on Wednesday 23rd July.  Can you please make sure all children are in the nursery by 9.10am with car seats for under 2 year olds.  Also parents accompanying us may want to bring buggies for younger children.  Sam will be in touch nearer the time to discuss lunches.



Open day

Our annual open day will be Saturday 19th July from 10am -2pm.  There will be all the usual resources the children love in the nursery as well as; cake and candy, tombola, bouncy castle and face painting.  Feel free to bring any friends and family along.  Any donations for raffle, tombola and cake and candy would be much appreciated.  With any proceeds from the day going to our chosen charity, Guide Dogs.



Please can all parents be aware the nursery has a strict 48 hour policy in place in the event of sickness or incidents of diarrhoea.  We find that by asking children to remain away from the nursery for 2 days reduces the risk of the other children developing the bug.   If your child is off due to illness please alert staff immediately so we can inform others.


0-2 department

The room has been developed recently with the new table and chairs to encourage children to be more independent and allow the smaller children to access the table easily.  The garden will also be remodelled in the upcoming weeks with the addition of a bridge.

2-5 Department

Are focussing on family in the room at the moment and are still requesting some pictures.  If you do not have printed pictures or access to a printer you are more than welcome to email pictures to the nursery or even use the office computer to print off any on memory sticks/cards.  We have a few children who have different family dynamics and some maybe a bit upset at the moment so we are hoping this along with support from staff will help.  On that note can we ask if any children are experiences changes at home if you could alert staff as this might be critical to their mood and therefore affect their ability to focus.  Changes might be a new job, passing of a family member, a move (for anybody close to them), even just changing room.  Any information will be treated with confidentiality and will be only on a need to know bases.

Weekend books are very important as it allows the children to share what they have been doing and it gives us ideas of interests and any achievements that have happened at home.  We can use this information to add to the children’s profiles and to influence planning.


Parents Questionnaire

In the next week we will be handing out questionnaires to help us gather information to build our improvement plan for the upcoming term.  This is an opportunity to have your say with regards to the service you and your child receives.  Can I please ask that these are given back either to staff or in the comments box in the foyer by or on 23rd July (Summer Trip).  Thank you in advance.


New Menu

We have tried the new menus and altered them to suit the children’s tastes.  If you have any thoughts on theses please feel free to let us know. (See menus below)


Phillips Parry